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British Gas has announced 7% price hikes following SSE's 9% hike. Others are likely to follow. Unless you're on a super cheap online tariff SWITCH NOW!

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We use your postcode in order to identify your region and the energy suppliers available to you. 
We use your telephone number so that we can provide you with an assisted service, answering your questions and finding you the best deal. 

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Your Questions

Your QuestionsWe’ve assembled some of the most common questions we’re asked about our service and energy switching. Please do contact us if your question isn’t answered here.

Is The Switching Helpline independent?

Yes, we operate entirely independently of any of the energy suppliers in the UK.

How much will it cost me to use your service?

It will cost you absolutely nothing at all. We are able to offer a free service as we are offered a small referral fee for every switch that we process.

What’s a KWh or unit?

These are the units of measurement for electricity. If your bill says you have used 800 units then you have used 800 KWh of electricity, since the unit of measurement for electricity usage is KWh. Having the units / KWh to hand is useful when estimating your savings or contacting The Switching Helpline.

Will you need to ask me for any bank account details?

Only if you decide to pay by Direct Debit with your chosen new supplier. These are collected on our secure server, and immediately passed to your new supplier so that they can set up the direct debit for you. The Switching Helpline will under no circumstances store or use any bank or payment details ourselves.

Do you cover all the energy deals in the market?

We cover all suppliers of gas and electricity licensed to supply domestic consumers. We cover all current tariffs from these suppliers across all the main payment methods. Our calculator technology and pricing database is the most comprehensive in the market.

Do I need to know my electricity and/or gas meter reading?

You don’t need to know your electricity and/or gas meter reading to switch provider. However, we encourage our customers to check their meter reading on an annual or bi-annual basis in order to make sure they are not paying for more energy than their using, or under-paying. We also encourage customers to check the meter reading on the day of transfer to their new provider for the same reasons, since they may be owed money by their previous supplier.

Will I be disconnected at any point during the switch to my new electricity /gas supplier?

No. The switching process does not involve or require any disruption to the supply of gas or electricity to your home. You can simply relax and enjoy the savings you make with your new supplier.

Don’t I need to constantly switch supplier in order to get the best deal?

We generally recommend consumers check the competitiveness of their bills on an annual basis, to check they are still getting good value. Consumers may wish to check more frequently when energy prices are volatile and consumers have most to gain or lose, depending on their choice of energy tariff. Switching tariff on a more frequent basis is possible, but we suspect you might have better things to do!

How can I contact you if I have questions about the The Switching Helpline or your website?

You can contact our customer service team in the following ways:

Web: Contact Us form
Tel: 0844 391 6302

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Business energy costs have been rising. Claim your free independent energy bill health check today!

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What Makes Us Special?

-The Switching Helpline provides expert energy switching advice for free to UK consumers. Our service is built upon:

  • 100% independent gas and electricity comparison
  • Completely free no obligation service
  • Trained experts to answer all of your questions

We also run campaigns such as The Big Switch 2011 to actively engage consumers and promote our helpline.

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