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Energy Saving Tips

Energy SavingReviewing your supplier and switching to a cheaper deal, is one half of the battle against rising fuel costs. The other is improving energy efficiency within the home.

Here are a few of the simplest, most cost effective tips from The Switching Helpline to help all consumers reduce their fuel costs. Improving energy efficiency can save as much as 15% (as much several hundred pounds) on annual fuel costs.

Start monitoring your energy usage!

The Owl - Energy Monitoring DevicesYou can now purchase energy monitoring devices, such as The Owl (Which? Best Buy), The Owl Micro, Efergy Elite Wireless Energy Monitor, or Wattson Home Energy Meter which let you see how much electricity your consuming. The ability to view your energy usage in real time means you can start saving by switching off devices you don’t use, but are silently adding to your energy bill! We’ve teamed up with The Ethical Superstore to bring you these products at the best prices from a quality and reliable retailer.

Use energy saving lightbulbs and other devices

Energy Saving BulbsReplace your conventional lightbulbs with energy saving bulbs to help reduce your energy usage. You can also install and update your wall plugs and extension leads that are able to further reduce the energy consumption of devices when on standby or not in use.

Start producing your own energy and hot water!

Solar PanelsIt has never been easier to start producing your own energy and hot water from renewable sources, either for your own consumption or for selling back to the energy companies if you produce a surplus. The easiest way to start making your own electricity is to buy a small solar panel for generating small amounts of electricity that you might need or use in a garden shed or conservatory. These solar panels are available in a range of sizes and are extremely easy to setup. If you’re interested in larger solar panel or wind-turbine installations, get in touch and we can help you find your way through what can be a confusing process!

Turn that thermostat down

Turning down your thermostat during the colder months by just a couple of degrees can make an enormous difference to your energy consumption. Try it, and you’ll get a good idea of whether it makes a noticeable difference, and whether you can comfortably adjust to the change. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Keep on adjusting the temperature downward until you have found the lowest temperature that you are comfortable with.

Wash your clothes at a lower temperature setting.

Adjusting the settings on your washing machine can seriously reduce the energy consumption of your routine washes. Try it at a lower temperature, say 30 degrees, and see if the results are just as good.

Seal the gaps

Draft excluders for your external doors can be a cost-effective method of keeping the heat in, and they don’t have to be obtrusive or ugly to look at. Wooden, or aged doors are likely to benefit particularly from this. Carefully examine your windows and replace any putty or filler which has disintegrated or come loose. Windows are one of the major sources of heat loss. You can also obtain draft excluders for internal doors helping reduce heat loss.

Turn it off. All of it!

Get into the habit of reminding yourself to switch off any unnecessary lights or other electrical equipment before you go out, or to bed. If you can’t get used to it, write yourself a note and stick it on your bedroom door. It will help you get into good habits. You might also wish to use an energy monitoring device to help you realise how much electricity is being used when you might not realise, with many devices also helpfully turning the usage into pounds and pence, helping you see the financial benefit to switching items off!

Don’t fill it all the way up

If you can, try to only fill the kettle with the water you really need each time. It takes extra energy to heat it all, and it will only be wasted. An eco-kettle makes it easy if you find it hard to change your ways and has even been recommended by the Energy Savings Trust!

Be clever with your curtains

Closing your curtains in the evening keeps you warmer, and traps the heat in your home. On the other hand it stops daylight sunshine heating your home. Don’t forget to open your curtains during the day, its a great way of avoiding having to turn up that thermostat.

For more energy saving tips and advice on cavtiy wall and loft insulation, central heating and solar panels visit

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