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British Gas has announced 7% price hikes following SSE's 9% hike. Others are likely to follow. Unless you're on a super cheap online tariff SWITCH NOW!

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ecotricityEcotricity is the U.K.’s first clean energy company, offering business and residential customers the opportunity to lower U.K. pollution levels and support the growth of alternative energy in Europe.

Since 1996 Ecotricity has been selling electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Company profits are invested in further research and development of clean energy sources. Ecotricity hopes to double the amount of renewable electricity in the U.K.

The energy that Ecotricity sells is primarily generated by wind farms. Most of the company’s new energy investments are focused on wind power technologies. Throughout the U.K. Farmers have been earning extra income by allowing wind turbines to be installed on their property. Ecotricity pays for the construction, maintenance and operating fees. The cost of purchasing power from this company is the same as the local power company’s rates as Ecotricity matches the going rate.

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Next StepsUse our “Request a Free Callback”, “Do It Yourself” or “Estimated Savings” tools to find out if switching to Ecotricity for your gas and / or electricity might be a better deal.

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