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The Big Switch 2011

The Big Switch 2011 Campaign for Cheaper, Fairer and Greener Energy for UK Consumers

Our most recent campaign is The Big Switch 2011 which builds on the work of last year’s campaign to promote the benefits of switching to consumers who have yet to switch provider and therefore have the most to gain from the services offered by The Switching Helpline.

The energy switching market remains underdeveloped. Ofgem, the gas and electricity market regulator, suggests that only a small minority of the UK population are on the cheapest energy deals available to them. As worrying is the fact that many of those who have never switched before are those that are most vulnerable, and indeed are likely to have the most to gain.

Doubts still remain about the switching process:

  • Will I have my supply interrupted?
  • Aren’t all suppliers the same anyway?
  • I’m not really comfortable transacting online, I might not get it right.
  • How do I switch if I don’t have internet access?
  • Should I fix my tariff?
  • I’m worried about having to manage my bills online?
  • I switched before and I didn’t get a better deal, I just don’t believe I can save.

The list goes on, and it means most people are paying over the odds simply because the process is misunderstood and because misconceptions abound.

The Switching Helpline are directly combating the issues through their Big Switch campaign. Looking to engage directly with consumers through on street agents and a series of demonstrations we are seeking to educate, and promote our helpline and call-back services.

If you are interested in joining the campaign, or receiving a visit from one of our demonstrators please contact us.

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The Big Switch 2011 Campaign News

The Big Switch 2011 Campaign for Cheaper, Fairer and Greener Energy

The Big Switch Campaign is educating, empowering and enriching consumers. Read the latest news here:

The Energy Expert's Blog

Business energy costs have been rising. Claim your free independent energy bill health check today!

Our resident energy and utilities expert is on hand to give you the facts and answer your questions:

What Makes Us Special?

-The Switching Helpline provides expert energy switching advice for free to UK consumers. Our service is built upon:

  • 100% independent gas and electricity comparison
  • Completely free no obligation service
  • Trained experts to answer all of your questions

We also run campaigns such as The Big Switch 2011 to actively engage consumers and promote our helpline.

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